vBoxDyno:  Calculate your car's horsepower from your vBox file.

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Reasons to choose vBox Dyno:
  • Calculates whp based on vehicle acceleration
  • Includes whp losses due to aerodynamics
  • Includes whp losses/gains due to weather
  • Includes whp losses/gains due to headwind/tailwind
  • Includes whp losses/gains due to road slope (incline/decline)
  • Includes whp losses due to wheel inertia
  • Includes whp losses due to road friction
vBox Dyno Input Parameters

Vehicle Lookup

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Useful sources for vehicle data:  www.carfolio.comwww.carinf.comwww.edmunds.com

Car & Driver
Vehicle Weight
Driver Weight
Gasoline Weight
Frontal Area
Drag Coefficient  
Wheels & Tires
Tire Size (Section Width) WIDTH-AR-DIAM
Tire Size (Aspect Ratio) WIDTH-AR-DIAM
Tire Size (Diameter) WIDTH-AR-DIAM
Tire Type  
Road Surface  
Tire Rolling Resistance (if known) Calculated, or manual intput
Number of Tires  
Tire Pressure
Tire Weight (without wheel)
Tread-to-Sidewall Thickness Ratio (usually about 2:1)
Wheel Weight (without tire)
Weight Distribution:  how much weight on the outer edge (usually about 65%)  
Weather Conditions (if known)
Barometric Pressure
Relative Humidity %
Headwind (-Tailwind)
Horsepower Correction

vBox File(s) to analyze:
(.DBN, .VBO, files only)

Enable Acceleration Tests
Enable Braking and Deceleration Tests
Change advanced options? (Send email, GPS options, Google Earth options, etc)
Send EMail Summary, Graphs, Google Earth?
EMail Name
EMail Address
Attach Performance Graphs.
Generate Google-Earth .KML file.
Attach vBox Dyno data file(s).
Use relative height data instead of GPS height if available.
Correct the distance based on slope rise and fall.
Correct the timestamps based on slope rise and fall.
Log DEBUG output (for Administrative use only).

Watch the video:  HowTo use the vBox Dyno:

Privacy Statement:

Data contained in the vBox files is not shared with any outside individuals, companies, friends or foes.  Only vBox files used to maintain the Performance Database are kept on this site.  All files submitted but not selected as part of the performance database are automatically deleted.

* For more information on Race Logic or vBox devices, visit http://www.racelogic.co.uk, or http://VBOXmotorsport.com.